About me!

About me!

so... you want to know some stuff about me.. well..

not my image, i like just like this character. his name is tamama btw

well you've came to the right place!!

my name is NetherFalcon! i am just some person who browses the internet (and be lazy lol)

i like stuff like anime, cute things, video games, cartoons, movies, music, plushies/stuffed animals (whatever you wanna call it)

oh! and i have a HUGE interest in old internet stuff and old tech in general (mainly from the 90s or 2000s) and i'm a little interested in bootleg stuff (for some odd reason)

i'm also 16 years old!

if you wish to contact me, i can be reached out at netherfalconrs@gmail.com or you can contact through discord! NetherFalcon#9537